Beta Pitch for 5F

Company / App Name: 5F Twitter – App5F What does it do? 5F is a fitness / social networking app to discover and meet active people nearby. There are over 100 different activity levels and 4 different ability levels you can choose to get the perfect matches. Why do we need it? Never do sports alone anymore. Find the perfect tennis buddy, running buddy or AnyBuddy

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Google pollutes new Chrome tabs with ‘article suggestions’ – here’s how to disable them

 You know what people love? When you take something familiar and useful and replace it with content “for you” that you actually didn’t ask for. That’s one of the more visible changes in the latest version of Chrome for Android, which swaps out the bookmarks and recently visited items on the new tab page for “suggested articles.” Here’s how to get rid of it. Read More TechCrunch

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List of NYC Startup Lawyers

NYStartupHub is pleased to bring you a list of the best Startup Lawyers in NYC. Please see the following page for further details.  NYC STARTUP LAWYERS


This NYC Startup Raised $1.1M to Connect Your Startup With a Network of Athletes

For better or worse when athletes are associated with a brand, people seem to trust the brand more (yes, even LeBron and Kia). Yet, in our current market it’s hard to get in contact with the right… AlleyWatch

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Why non-internet companies are buying into adtech

 Research shows the flurry of M&A in the advertising industry is nowhere near slowing. In Q1 2016 alone there were 72 merger and acquisition events among advertising technology, marketing technology and digital media firms. It’s clear much of this deal activity is about industry consolidation to bolster or establish audience, round out tech stack or neutralize potential threats. Read More TechCrunch

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10 Tips to Landing a NYC Startup Job

Startup careers can be incredibly rewarding and exciting. But getting a foot in the door can be a challenge if you don’t know the secrets. Here are ten tips to help you focus your efforts.   1.     Attend relevant Meetups and Events. Join Meetup groups, keep an eye on relevant startup calendars and get out there in the community. Do a search on Meetup and also check out: - NYTM offers great demos of interesting technology products. Inside scoop: Set a calendar reminder for the ticket release times and dates or you’ll miss getting a ticket. - TiltNYC is like a hackathon for entrepreneurial types. ... Read More


Pitch for Paint That Flag

Company / App Name: Paint That Flag https://masgamesblog.paint-that-flag/ What does it do? Paint That Flag is Free, highly educational, outstanding game. The player has to paint all the 238 flags and not just to recognize them. It has many features such as Library, Wikipedia links for every flag, hints, bonus and much more Why do we need it? It is highly educational game and it promises that you will learn all the flags of the world by having fun. It also provides a link to wikipedia and its valuable information for every single flag ! Who is it for? Everyone ... Read More

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Are You Getting Your Fair Share of Startup Equity?

I always tell entrepreneurs that 2 heads are better than 1, so the first task in many startups is finding a co-founder or two. You need to find the skills or experience you do not have in business,… AlleyWatch

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Make the Most of Your Office Space

Hi all, we wanted to suggest a new infographic by Shutterfly: It gives tips from NPR and Business Insider on how to make the most of your office space! Credit: Contact: Aldo Baker Email:


Educating Students for the Gig Economy

Two interesting articles caught our eye last week and both had to do with the gig economy and education. HBR's Why I Tell My MBA Students to Stop Looking for a Job and Join the Gig Economy is written by a MBA program lecturer at Babson College. Key quote on reason for suggesting to MBA students that they join the gig economy: The problem is, jobs aren’t what they used to be. Growth in the number of jobs is stagnating and full-time jobs are both insecure and risky. Companies no longer make promises of either professional or financial security to today’s ... Read More

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How We Raised Over $1M in Our Seed Funding Round

After Blank Label raised outside funding through a seed round of $ 1.1 million, I started getting emails asking me how we did it. The email senders would write that they did not attend Harvard… AlleyWatch

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Pokémon Go’s first ever in-game event ups the candy count for Halloween

 Pokémon Go players will get the chance to participate in the game’s first ever in-game event this Halloween, starting Wednesday October 26 and running through November 1. The event will feature higher encounter rates for spooky Pokémon, including Drowzee, Zubat, Gastly, Gengar, Golbat, Haunter and Hypno, and trainers will also get more candy for catching, buddy training and… Read More TechCrunch

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This NYC Startup Just Raised $1.5M To Help You Discover This Protein

Ever since our culture started putting such an emphasis on finding non-animal protein, we’ve discovered and re-appreciated some of earth’s greatest foods. But while we’ve relearned to love almonds… AlleyWatch

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